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Alternatives to YouTube, Google Analytics, Google Ads and other services

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Not only the special requirements for hosting a website in China's domestic market are a challenge for western companies who want to bring their website to China. Once you finally have the appropriate ICP license, and thus the permission to host your own website in China, you will probably soon discover that not everything on your website runs as it does on your international web pages. This is often due to the fact that external Google services are used on your website.

Google is blocked in China

Google Analytics, which is used for the evaluation of user statistics, Google Ads for placing advertisements, YouTube for embedding videos - common Google services and platforms that are popular on western websites. However, since Google is blocked or at least very limited in China, you should switch to alternative services for your Chinese website. The counterpart to Google is called "Baidu" in China and already provides similar systems for the majority of Google services. Where Baidu offers no alternative, established providers are already available in China, such as Youku as an alternative to YouTube. For users who are already well acquainted with the Google systems, the Chinese systems are usually quite intuitive to use. The biggest challenge: all of the systems are only available in Chinese.

Below we have compiled a list of Google services and common alternatives in China:

Google services Chinese alternatives
Google Analytics Baidu Tongji (百度统计)
Google Ads Baidu Tuiguang (百度推广)
YouTube Youku (优酷), this also includes Tudou (土豆網);
Tencent Video (腾讯视频);
iQIYI (爱奇艺)
Google Search

Baidu (百度): 69.6 % market share
Sogou (搜狗): 16.8 % market share; (360搜索,SO靠谱): 4.2 % market share;
Google (谷歌): 3.8 % market share;
Bing (必应): 2.8 % market share;
Shenma (神马): 2.7 % market share

Search engine market share as of August 2020, source:

Google Maps Baidu Maps (百度地图)
Gaode (高德)
Google reCAPTCHA
globally available reCAPTCHA service:
Google Play Store

Tencent My App (应用宝): 20 % market share;
360 Mobile Assistant (360手机助手): 17 % market share;
Oppo Software Store (OPPO软件商店): 10 % market share;
Huawei App Market (华为应用市场): 10 % market share;
VIVO App Store (vivo开放平台): 8 % market share;
Xiaomi App Store (小米应用商店): 6 % market share;
PP Assistant (PP助手): 6 % market share;
Liqu App Store (历趣应用商店): 4 % market share;
Baidu Mobile Assistant (百度手机助手): 4 % market share;
Anzhi Market (安智): 3 % market share

Android App Store market share as of April 2019, source:

Google PageSpeed Insights Baidu Cloud Observation (百度云观测)

WeChat = WhatsApp + means of payment + much more

In addition to the above-mentioned Google alternatives, WeChat ( is particularly widespread in China. The WeChat app is not only the Chinese equivalent of the Western instant messenger WhatsApp, as it is far more extensive. Over one billion people, mainly in China, use WeChat.

For more information, read our article on WeChat.

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